Our business is based on and represents a high diversity of characters and fields of expertise. Our highly dedicated way of working and inspirational contirbutions have convinced plenty of clients. We always focus on maximum protection of our customers and establish long-lasting and beneficial relationships.

CEO, Timon Kritenbrink

Profound Industry Expertise

Timon has been working for industry clients for over ten years now. As studied technician he looks at security issues from a buttom-up perspective and knows about discrepancies between theory and everyday practice. As expert for industrial automation and security he has the deepest understanding of threats and challenges that industrial corporations face through digitalization. His comprising network of experts as well as service providers enables time- and cost-effective realization of projects. While a broad range of satisfied customers confirm his expertise and extraordinary customer relations, he is also a thoughtfull and understanding team leader, focussing on the best outcome for every team member.

Our Team

Strength through Diversity

Covering a wide field of activites our team is highly international and comes with various backgrounds. Our security information researchers design concepts and solutions in a tide teamwork with technicians for best possible project realization. Our Blockchain and finance experts are constantly monitoring recent developments in the digital finance world and contribute significantly to the development of future-oriented fintech solutions. A group of first-class administrators control the back office, provide a solid workflow and keep the back of our team members free.

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