Think ahead - Stay ahead

The number of Ransomeware-related security incidents have risen dramatically in the last months. The ransomware industry will continue to grow and the ways of attacking will be increasingly diversified. While many decision-makers only start to think about potential threats when it is too late, many already implemented protection systems lack a range of features or functionalities that guarantee the system efficiency. Bosen AG provides solid strategies to protect systems from current threats and their future developments.


Ransomeware steadily gains ground and questions how to protect against attacking attempts raise. We have detected three the main reasons of unsuccessful protection that mainly originate in fruitless recovery from backups after a ransomware attack:

Unmonitored and failed backups

Backup drives are encrypted

Lost data due to low backup frequency


The risks of a total data loss can be reduced to a minimum, if certain steps of the backup system are implemented correctly. We have identified three easy keywords to a good stategy against different attacks on production systems and networks in general, namely:




Our Service

Our approach aims at our customers' highest independence from external elements. Furthermore, Bosen solutions are charaterized by maximum flexibility and adaptability. Thereby we grant the possibility to adjust security systems according to the ever-changing threat landscape. Our main focuses are:

Backup policies

Endpoint protection

Network policies

Standard network consulting

Network security checks

Backup plans