Custom-made Industrial Security Design

Industry 4.0 describes a modernization of factories (smart factories) being achieved through a better connectivity withinin the factory as well as a higher interaction with the outside environment. Also data collected during the production can be used for deeper insigths into the actual processes (Big Data -> Smart Data) and can be a crucial security factor. We analyze smart factory setups and implement best practices enabling our clients to use modern technology for a improvded production process, while keeping the system as secure as possible.

Our Services

Analysis of office and production networks

Building a threat model for the company

Categorization of all network parts in a risk profile

Designing security measures for each risk area specifically

Support of security measures implementation

Your Benefits

Increase in security through deployment of holistic security systems

Significant reduction of costs through effective defense against attacks and usage of open systems

Future-oriented, flexible and adaptable systems

Deeper understanding of own risk profile through deep risk analysis

Education and Training of security staff

Smart Data as Security Element

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning, Big Data collected in the production process can be transformed into valuable Smart Data. Provding a deeper understanding of the production and threat potentials the Data usage plays a significant role in the securement of companies and organizations.

Design of Smart Data based suveillance system

Implementation of logging functionality

Design and rollout of Open Source Time Series Databases

Selection and implementation of AI and Deep Learning elements

Training of security staff in usage and development of implemented concepts

Our Approach