Planting the Seed of Security Culture

Holism, Individualism, Sustainability. The three pillars of the Bosen AG service range form the basis of our consulting strategy and form the core values of the company and its employees. Thus, the decision of founding Bosen AG was not only the result of a rapidly growing demand and constantly developing market, but also an important part of our conviction to contribute to the corporate culture and the business location Germany in a sustainable way. We attach great importance to the predicate “Deutsche Wertarbeit” (German workmanship). It is our objective to contribute to its future meaning as guarantor of quality and reliability in the matter of cyberspace challenges and demands of modern communication security.


Individual Threat scenarios are steadily changing in course of the progressing growth of global networks. Theft of information and intruding attacks by hackers take personalized shapes. Social engineering and spear phishing are results of highly professional attack strategies that are constantly improved in order to infiltrate security systems of companies and organizations. We design security concepts specifically tailored to your needs by using individual threat models instead of a one-fits-all approach. Know your attackers. Don't waste time and resources. Focus on the real threats to your business.


Effective security systems are not limited to a technical level. Intelligent attackers use resources in order to find and attack the weakest point of a security structure. In the face of a constantly growing amount of data influencing and confusing users, attackers can easily use this situation to capture sensitive information. By implementing our holistic designs, comprising technical, personnel and structural levels, a long-term security program and culture can be achieved. Understand your threat landscape and how to deploy your own capabilities.


Secure storage of intellectual properties and sensitive information is one of the key challenges in the digital age. Thus safety strategies have to be future-oriented and independent. Companies need to have full control over critical safety structures in order to estimate situations realistically and, if necessary, react in an appropriate manner. Developing a security culture will reduce costs from external providers and give you faster reaction times. We enable you to grow your security in-house and design it to be resilient and adaptable. Take full control.

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